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Happy Hour – 6 Nights a week! 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. Monday-Friday 10 p.m. – close Sunday-Thursday. TAMALITO 6 BARBACOA OR CHICKEN, ICEBERG LETTUCE, TOMATOES, CHIVES, SOUR CREAM, GUAJILLO SAUCE POPCORN CRAWFISH 5 TEMPURA… Read more...

Big Fish Tavern

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Raw Bar (Chilled Seafood) Oysters on the Half Shell (4)..5 house made gardiniere • horseradish • cocktail sauce Hawaiian Ahi Poke ……………6 ahi • onion • seaweed • spicy soy • wontons • avocado • inamona… Read more...

OceanView Bar & Grill

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In late 2015, and for the first time in decades, Hotel Laguna began an inventive and very popular Happy Hour at OceanView Bar & Grill. “We want to invite locals back into our beachfront dining,” says General Manager… Read more...

Centrál Coastal Peruvian

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Empanadas – filet mignon or spinach and mozzarella – $5 Tomato Tower (a vertical take on Caprese Salad) – $7 Pollo Sliders – $8 Draft beers and secret recipe Sangrias – $4 Read more...


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 SAPPHIRE SUNSET HOUR Monday-Friday 2:30 – 5:30 PM KETEL ONE SPECIALTY COCKTAILS and other Spirits Turkish Lemonade Ketel One Oranje, Ketel One Citron Pomegranate Juice, Lemonade Dutch Mule Ginger Infused Ketel One, Ginger Beer Lime… Read more...

Dizz’s As Is

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Drinks: $3.00 Bud Light $4.00 Abbey Leffe $6.00 Chimay $6.00 House Wines $6.00 Well Drinks $9.00 Dizz’s Martinis Food: $4.00 BBQ Wings $3.00 Garlic Bread $4.00 Pate Du Maison $5.00 French Onion Suop Read more...

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